Collect and Play NFTs
“Retrogaming” inspired Pixelart

Somewhere in the galaxy, outaspace of the metaverse you can find 160 Krypto-Invaders flying around on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Come join the galaxy today…

It’s a small PixelArt-Project and time by time the Invaders are minted. There will be a maximum of 160 and animated and static ones will exist. Each one got 3 Colors and is generated through Code.

The Krypto-Invaders are a small Side-Project of me, MrPurple, because i love Retro-Gaming, Art and Developing 🙂 so i can combine everthing.

The first 100 costs only 0,002Ξ
After that the Price will increase a bit.

Where to buy ?

You can buy them on

Stay in touch on Twitter


as a small benefit for all Collectors is, that you can use your collected Piece as Player in “KRYPTO-INVADERS – THE NFT GAME”

Get yours today, start playing and hit the highscore!


the Game works on Desktop Browser with Metamask-Extension.